Dry Cleaning Services

Dry cleaning isn’t just for your dressy clothes. Our pressing equipment and methods can not be replicated at home. We press clean your clothes to keep them looking as good as new.

Environmentally-Controlled Storage

Our dry cleaner facilities offer temperature- and humidity-controlled storage lockers to protect your valuable belongings such as fur coats, accessories, vintage fabrics and more.

Wedding Dress Cleaning/Preservation

Wedding Dress Cleaning/Preservation

Have A Blast at Your Wedding, We’ll Take Care of the Mess

At Village Cleaners we are pros at wedding dress cleaning and preservation. Over the course of a wedding and wedding reception your dress may have encountered a large number of stains. When you bring your dress to Village Cleaners we not only will clean your wedding dress but we will also preserve it. Each wedding dress we clean is returned to you in an acid free display/storage box. This keeps the dress in pristine condition and will allow you to display it and pass it down to a loved one. Contact us today to find out more!

Local Delivery

Experience Village Cleaners $1 delivery service and you’ll never go back to those trips to the dry cleaners. We offer delivery to both homes and offices located inside the Amarillo city limits.